Amazon FBA PL

Amazon FBA PL


*Introduction to Ecommerce and Amazon

1.Introduction to E-commerce and Amazon and other markets B. FBA & FBM

*Product Research and Product Hunting

2.Amazon Product Hunting using – How to define criteriafor a winning product + Using tools to hunt products (JS,
Helium 10, VL)

3.Create your own Amazon account from Pakistan in class.
Intro to Company Creation from Pak, USA & UK for aprofessional account.

4.Practise Session on using Tools – Hands-on experience.

5.Profitability Analysis – Use FBA Calculator based on initialSourcing and making Product Hunting Reports.
Gated and Ungated Categories and Patent Check.

6. Tax Issues and Estimation

*How to Source a Product

7.Product Sourcing (Criteria to find supplier, Platforms,

8.Source a product during class and finalize your ownproduct.

* Listing Creation & Optimization –

9. Keyword Research – Extract top 10 and top 50 KWs ofyour product during a live session in the class.

10. Create your own New Product Listing using your ownAmazon Seller Central

11. Product Error Fixing (Suppressed Listing – Quality Alertetc)

12. Branding through Photoshoot, Videography, andA+/EBC Content Creation

13. Create Shipment Plan in the Class

14. Overview of FBA Wholesale

15. Overview of Daraz

* Launching and Ranking

16. Create PPC and Coupons for your listing.

17. Optimize PPC based on one week Search Termsresearch

18. Using Deals, Promotions, and Vine Program

19. Reviews Building (Search, Find and Buy Method), FB &
Insta Marketing

* FBA Order Management

20. Stock Checking and Inventory Forecasting + OrderManagement (FBM)

21. Amazon Case opening – How to approachAmazon support (Conversation with support).

22. Financials (Statements – Transaction Reports,
etc)+ Checking Account Health.

*Understanding Brand DashBoard

23. Brand Analytics, Brand Dashboard, and Brand CatalogManager

*Customer Service

24. Communication Skills, Answering Questions, Makingand Presenting Reports.


25. Fiverr/Upwork account creation for Freelancing
+ Freelancing Ethics – How to attract clients as a VA

26. Making and Presenting Business Proposal.

27. Textile Business Portal and how we canlink it with e-commerce.