ebay id creation

If you need help with a new or existing eBay Business Account, NGBC provides the services you need to help grow you eBay business. We offer professional eBay Business Account setup and management services. Our process begins with setting up your eBay account, store, and listings. Once completed, we optimize your eBay listings to improve your eBay search rankings and sales

product hunting

We help you hunt for the right products you can sell on eBay. It is because product hunting is a lot more different now than it was 20 years back.

✔ To ensure that your buyers can always find your product in the search results, we help you select the correct category possible.

✔ By making specific categories, we’ll make all your products visible so that when users are searching for their targeted products, your products have fair chances to appear in the search results. And this is only possible to make your products trendy!

Listing Creation

Our team of experts know what is needed for an eye-catching and traffic generating product listing, and aim to provide that for each of their clients. With us creating the listings for your product on the eBay platform, you will see your products ranking better than your competition in no time.

eBay Promotions

Our listing are optimized to rank high on the product search on the eBay platform. And to boost their reach further, we also set up your product listing on to the eBay Promoted Listings Ads, which are visible in search results as well the various product pages.

Account Sign Up and approval

eBay is a marketplace where hundreds of millions of buyers from around the world come to find great sellers and make purchases. And the only way to be one of the great sellers is to register for an account on eBay. It can be nerve-wracking to open an eBay seller account, because it means that you’re accepting personal financial risk. eMarspro helps you sign up and get approval for an eBay seller account. With no need to fill out a lengthy application or send in extra documentation, you’ll be wholesaling on eBay in a flash.