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“Learnigo empowers its partners by providing them with a wide range of online tools designed to assist their learners and enable them to broaden their horizons and disseminate knowledge well beyond their boundary walls.”

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From short training to long courses, Learnigo guarantees ease and smoothness for course managers as well as for e-learners by offering them a seamless digital space to achieve their objectives.

Learnigo Clients

KIPS LMS is an online learning management system for a wide range of academic programs. We offer a number of features for a comprehensive online learning experience. Students can watch video lectures delivered by our extremely competent and experienced faculty anywhere, anytime. Students can receive assignments and submit them to be checked by their teachers. Students can get their doubts removed and their concepts cleared by meeting their tutors virtually in live interactive sessions. Students can get
the latest information related to their course and remain updated with upcoming events and changes in the scheme of studies or the system.

Global Age is a brand of KIPS CSS. With an experience of over two decades, we are one of the largest and oldest educational institutes in Pakistan. Global Age Magazine is one of the leading monthly current affairs magazines. You can sign up and get your hard copy delivered at your doorstep. Global Age provides a number of courses on trending technologies to pave the way for better education of the youth. Our courses include Content Writing, Unity 3D Game Development, Adobe Premier & After Effects, Web Development using MEAN Stack and many more.

Set up and expand your business online with Retailry’s efficient and powerful e-commerce system. Retailry offers you a software in cloud that takes care of all your e-commerce needs anywhere, anytime, so you can take your business to the next level by focusing on the most important component, the product.

Sophisticated Technology
Our cutting-edge technology guarantees smooth functioning of all processes, optimum network speed, data and user security, trouble-free customization, and a lot more.

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Experiential Design
Our design ensures a truly hassle-free user experience and empowers you to leave an enduring mark on your clientele.

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Strategic Marketing
Achieve business success with increased sales through our marketing features such as social media integration and loyalty programs.

Retailry Clients

Cakes & Bakes is an avant-garde bakery chain with more than 65 outlets offering a wide range of products. We have designed their web portal, which provides bakery clienteles with a new experience. Its functionalities include the facility to place online orders, product search and filtering, the option of online payment as well as cash
KIPS has a large network of educational institutes including schools, colleges, and preparatory institutes throughout the country. We have designed the websites for all of these keeping in view their business goals and the needs of their students.

PKI Health Check Automation Tool

PKI health check involves identifying key metrics of your PKI plus active monitoring of critical issues related to it. Most of these issues relate to the X.509 certificate issuance failures caused due to miss-configured CAs or when attackers issue fake certificates. Checking includes analyzing how many
certificates are issued, revoked and expired at a particular point in time

Khatim Timestamp Server

Proving time is important in high valued transactions and critical for businesses creating digital signatures for longterm perseverance. Without cryptographic timestamps, digital signatures can’t be trusted as they cannot be accepted in long term. A Timestamp server (also called as Timestamp Authority or TSA as short) provides proof of data existence at a particular point in time using cryptography.
A Timestamp Authority acts as a pivotal role ensuring all of the cryptographic objects identified during digital signature creation remains valid be it digital certificates, CRL or OCSP

Viztos is a modern POS with an ERP on the back to support all the SCM and Finance operations.

a software that eliminates the common limitations in any other POS softwares businesses face. Viztos has custom designed Front End for user-friendly experience and backend runs on Odoo with most of the limitations mitigated like multiple sessions, web-based system, advanced UI design.

“Learnigo empowers its partners by providing them with a wide range of online tools designed to assist their learners and enable them to broaden their horizons and disseminate knowledge well beyond their boundary walls.”

Viztos is a premium software that covers your need of tracking sales, inventory as well as your customer’s data and the statistics of your business with cutting edge tech and with minimal steps to operate all of it.


CAPE is the Industry-leading software for full commercial drone telepresence. CAPE
is used for Live video streaming, Drone operation and evidence capturing. CAPE
was the first Drone video service company that worked closely with the Facebook live
API team to get their drones streaming to
Facebook live.

We helped them to build the both iOS and android applications, that has the
dashboard to operate and and live stream

the video from anywhere through the inter- net. On iOS we used Swift to integrate the

dashboard and on android we use the Java to cater the all needs of the CAPE’s team
and iterate all the required controls on the both screens. Which enables to control the
drone remotely from the devices in your

pockets. Later, CAPE was acquired by Mo- torola Solutions.



KONMARI is on the mission to tidying up the world, Marie Kondo the famous author
and the host was trying to make his media business reality. After her hit show on Netflix,
we have to make her digital presence better like never before to keep up with his fan base.
We helped Marie Kondo to update her digital presence by introducing her first iOS Application from scratch to the online booking portal. We use Swift to develop the application and gave her fan base a chance to get in touch on the go. In addition to application we also helped their team with the design and engineering in
web development.


ENBIOSIS is the health solution that provides diet plans and meds by using AI
according to your microbiome in your gut. ENBIOSIS Biosciences reaches deep into
your inner world with microbiome analysis and offers you the key for a sustainable and
healthy life. We helped them with the both frontend and backend in their web
development. We use ReactJs and Laravel to develop their website and iterate the
major changes, then we have to create the two versions for website one for global reach
and the other one for the local reach. This astonished startup is the winner of 2020
“Health initiative of the year award”

, Winner
of the “When Healthtech Meets Insurance”
and become the only biotech company to
qualify for the “Enterprise Acceleration
program” by Bayer.

FastVan is a logistic company, that helps customers to choose the best courier ser-
vices by providing their package size, weight and date of elivery.
We helped them to build a system that communicates with their partner courier
services through APIs and displays comparison of their pricing and delivery times. We

Developed a backend server for them using Ruby on Rails, that communicated with two
mobile apps and one front end server. One mobile app was for users and the other one
was for drivers. Customer could create their orders through mobile or web app and could see live location of their package.
We developed the complete system (backend server), web and mobile client)
from scratch to launch. Fastvan started their business in South Africa in2017
now they have existence in US and UK.

Waseela Foundation is a social welfare organization working for the interests of the socio-economically deprived and underserved segments of society. We have done our bit for
this cause by designing their website, thereby facilitating donations and helping them reach out to those…

ClearCube Technology is a USA-based manufacturer that specializes in creating innovative centralized computing and desktop virtualization solutions. We helped them to implement their user-centered design by understanding their business requirement and then bring them stand-alone from competitors by iterating the unique designs.

Gooroo is using its unique ability to map human mindset to build experiences that help everyone and every
organization achieve their true potential. We helped them to design their website according to the user’s persona,
by using this approach we produced a creative design which attract the attention of their traffic

MANAFA is an online marketplace for investing equity into innovative, early-stage companies. It provides sophisticated investors free access to direct investment opportunities, diligence tools and industry data insights for an asset class that was previously very difficult to access. For entrepreneurs, MANAFA offers an efficient way to access anetwork of sophisticated investors as well as leading partners. offers hundreds of Top10 shortlists to help you make informed decisions and easily compare your
purchasing options online. We helped them to create an exceptional website design by using a user-centered
design approach. Website was designed user-friendly and it made things vibrant for the end-users
Smart Geeks is IT support company in Melbourne with team of certified IT engineers that are equipped with the
right skills, experience and attitude. We helped them to iterate new designs by focusing on the humanizing
technology, that creates the user friendly interfaces that help their user’s to understand their services easily
Faba is UK based food ordering application. We helped Faba to design their whole mobile application by using the
user’s persona approach. That gave their product a strength and made it easy for their customers to use by creating
dynamic flows
Ehsibha is KSA based product built for Real Estate, Banks And Information Technology Experts to provide the different
users with the information they need during their mortgage using the Ai and machine learning. We helped them to
design their website interface and mobile application and gives their product a new feel.
Interfree is the subsidiary of Intercel, the leading manufacturer and supplier of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G industrial
modems for M2M applications. We helped interfree to materialise their design’s imagination into an eye- catching
interface end.